About Me

Hey you!  I am  an YouTuber and speaker passionate about helping others and empowering people to follow their dreams. I started modeling at a young age but decided to pause my modeling career to focus on education and I earned a degree in business administration and a teaching certificate. I have spent time as a teacher and some time in the child care industry. I have also spent time in the events business managing financial aspects of event planning. I am now working to settle my career in the business industry world, more specific working with Brazilian Portuguese localization/translation, and have spent time growing an audience of around 35K on Instagram and YouTube, talking about travel, languages, and life experiences in general.

Wait! I talked a lot about my work. Allow me to tell you somethings about myself. 

Now I live in Hollywood, CA but I grew up in Rio. As any Carioca, I love summer, beach, and a great caipirinha. I’m a loyal friend and the life of the party with my family. I love traveling and learning new languages. I’m very energetic and I love being around nature. I have a great connection with the ocean and there is usually the place that reconnect with myself. I confess that I’m crazy about sweets, that go against my health believes but I still eating it. 

Now yeah, I think you got a great idea of who I am 🙂

📬 PO BOX 815 – 90028